Murat Committee Bicentennial





In the slid months to Tolentino (MC) near the Napoleonic Halls of Palace Parisani Bezzi, has delivered up the MURAT COMMITTEE BICENTENNIAL 1808-2008, a Committee of connection and coordination between the Associations, Circles, historical Groups and Agencies, that they want to value the Bicentennial of the Kingdom of Naples by Gioacchino Murat from 1808 to 1815.

The signers recognize the historical and the strategic importance that the figure of Murat covers in the process of reconstruction and elaboration of the political and institutional Italian identity.


Thay were:


  • Paolo Scisciani, President of Tolentino 815 Association, of Tolentino,


  • Giuseppe Pagnotta, President of Gioacchino Murat Association, of Pizzo,


  • Vigilio Ilari, President of Italian Society of Military History, of Rome,


  • Carducci Massimo, Delegated Center Italy of Rome, and Paolo Faramatti, Delegated North Italy of Udine, of “Le Souvenir Napoléonien”,


  • Raffaello Cecchetti, President of Napoleonic Nobility Union, of Florence,


  • Giampaolo Buontempo, President of the Roman Center of Napoleonic Studies and Paolo Casali, President of Napoleonic historical Section, of Rome.


The Murat Committee Bicentennial 1808-2008 engages itself to realize a national structure in order to promote and to organize manifestations for the Bicentennial of the eight years of Murat’s Kingdom, from 2008 to 2015 in the Center and South Italy; with studies, searches and elaborations that have to the center the figure of Gioacchino Murat in how much King, man, soldier, legislator, administrator. Such initiatives can regard:


-         Thematic conventions and publishing activities closely connect, with divulgative and scientific characteristics, also periodic;


-         A network of interactive information between the interested subjects , accompanied from the web site;


-         Guided visits in the areas in which the Murat epic has been developed;


-         Events which historical re-enactment and thematic representation;


-         Monuments or other works of art, to memory of the man and the period;


The Tolentino 815 Association will make from center of connection and spread of the initiative, that it remains opened to all the interested subjects.


A contact has been already started with the National Committee for the bicentennial of "French Decade" (1806-1815), promoted from the Ministry for Cultural Activities and composed from historical and local representatives of Ministries, Agencies, cultural and research Institutions.


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