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The Tolentino 815 Association presents the first italian mounted historical reenactment group, representing a regiment from the army of the Kingdom of Naples from 1808 through 1815. 
The Second Regiment is derived from the 2nd "Chasseurs a' Cheval" (Light Horse) of 1808, who participated in the Napoleonic campaigns outside of the Kingdom of Naples , starting in Spain during 1809. 
The unit was present at the battles like Figueras in Costa Brava , the assault of Rosas , at Gerona and of Hostalrich , acting with such brilliant conduct that Murat received complements from the French command.
Afterwards because of their performance, the unit was broken into small detachments, to better employ such “resistant and capable” soldiers. 
The commander of the 2nd light horse, Colonel Malaspina of Fosdinovo, wrote in a report that he lost 256 men of the 500 that he started with between 1809 and 1811. 
The 1813 campaign in Germany was to be even harder and more unfortunate.
King Joachim Murat was reluctant to offer new troops to the imperial cause, after having lost a great part of soldiers in campaigns in Russia and Poland . Even so, he consented to sending two squadrons of the 2nd Light Horse, composed of 22 officers, 541 soldiers and 530 horses.
These regimental squadrons participated in the battles of Limbach , Nossen , Konigsbruck , Scwenitz , Bautzen and Jauer ; their commander, the Duke of Laviano being decorated with the Legion of Honor. 
But this was only a last effort, given that the campaign concluded with the terrible defeat and losses at Leipzig .
During the Battle of Tolentino in May 1815 , the 2nd Light Horse was the cavalry regiment, along with the Royal Guard, that was most engaged during the fighting.

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