Twinning Pizzo


Pizzo October 9, 2010 Paul Scisciani, president of Tolentino 815, pays homage
the Mayor of Pizzo Fernando Nicotra of the seven books published by the

Pizzo October 9, 2010 Sandro Luciani, professor at the Institute I. S. Filelfo Tolentino, and …………, Professor dell’Istituro Boat Lace; Scisciani behind Paul, President of the Ass. They Tolentino 815, and Giuseppe Pagnotta, president of the Ass. I G. Murat Pizzo

Pizzo October 9, 2010 Luciano Ruffini, Mayor of Tolentino and Fernando Nicotra, Mayor of Pizzo

Pizzo December 12, 2009 Giuseppe Pagnotta, president of G. Murat Pizzo non-profit organization, delivery Scisciani Paul, president of Tolentino 815, a Certificate of Recognition and reward of inspiration, encouragement and support in the planning and organization of the “Decade of the French Historical Park in Calabria”


Pizzo 11 October 2008 – Meeting between Fernando Nicotra, Mayor of Lace, Paul Scisciani, Tolentino 815 Association president, Alessandro Bruni, Councillor City of Tolentino, Giuseppe Pagnotta, Association president G. Murat
Tolentino May 3, 2008 Giuseppe Pagnotta, president of G. Murat Pizzo,
Scisciani and Paul, president of Tolentino 815, signed the Twinning

Pergamena_01.jpgTolentino May 3, 2008 – Act of Twinning between the Association of Tolentino Tolentino 815
and the Association G. Murat Pizzo