Network Murat




– Article 1 –


E ‘consists of an unlimited duration, non-profit and the exclusion of any interest ideological, political, professional and trade associations and an international network between sites murattiani.
They recognize the importance that the figure of Joachim Murat, King of Naples and called the Two Sicilies from 1808 to 1815, he held to ‘start the process of formation of the Italian spirit of unity and identity politics, institutional and moral.

– Article 2 –


The common structure has the name “Network Murat” and has its registered office in Pizzo, at the Castello Aragonese.
Alternatively, it is envisaged that the operational headquarters to localize, in following the assumption of office of Chairman social.

– Article 3 –


The aims of the Network is intended, on the historical, social and promotional, are to boost and promote studies, research and all the initiatives that have centered on the figure of Joachim Murat as King, man, soldier, legislator, administrator.
In particular, the parties acting undertake to coordinate and manage all the commonly initiatives to give substance to the objectives mentioned above. Such initiatives may concern:
· The establishment of editorial initiatives, including a periodic nature, is closely linked to the needs of site visitors murattiani, both with proper dissemination characteristics, both scientific;
· The organization of courses for the training of guides to be used in the centers murattiani;
· The establishment of a network of interactive information between organizations and associations murattiane in Italy, Europe and around the world accompanied by the creation of a website;
· L ‘organization of guided tours in areas where it has developed the Napoleonic epic and Murat;
· L ‘organization of events such as thematic conferences, pageants, performances theme;
· The creation of monuments or other works of art, in memory of Murat and the events he witnessed protagonist.
· Nevertheless, recognizing the autonomy of the individual associations in the organization of the subject.

– Article 4 –

The association receives the financial means and assets to achieve its objectives by:
– Membership fees;
– The contributions of public and private institutions,
– Any donations;
– Income from management and initiatives, stable or occasional.

– Article 5 –


Network Murat founding members, ordinary, well-deserving, fees.
D ‘order members are: institutions and / or associations, which participate through their legal representative or their delegate.
Are entitled to be admitted to the “network Murat” all the associations that share its objectives and are positively engaged in the study of historical, political, social and military figure of Joachim Murat.
For the purpose of admission requires that the applicant groups formulate instance, taking care to highlight the data of the association and the points of convergence operational and organizational.
The application expresses its opinion not binding on the Executive Council.
The final decision regarding the admission it all ‘shareholders’ meeting.

The associations may be excluded from the “Network”:
a) withdrawal;
b) unworthiness, or to have engaged in inappropriate behavior and severely damaging the image of the Network Murat as a whole and of each of the participating organizations, or for having intentionally or by serious negligence harmed material and / or moral;
c) because exercising aims and objectives in contradiction with those pursued by “network Murat.”
The initiative aimed at the exclusion of an association is up to the Council, or to each of the partners, both founders of ordinary.
The decision about the exclusion is up to the shareholders.

Article 6


Founding members are individuals who have founded the Association.
They serve a function ethical and representative, are the guardians and guarantors of the purpose of the Network Murat.
The founding partners have the following functions:
a) Propose to the Board the access of new members;
b) Express binding opinion on the accession of new members;
c) propose the exclusion of members;
d) They contribute, including through individual initiative, the formation of the agenda, which will be discussed in the board of directors. At the end, the proposal must be received in the ordinary term (48 hours), under penalty of foreclosure;


– Article 7 –

Ordinary members are those who collaborate in the activities of the association.
People and organizations that contribute with the contribution of economic means or other services firm, are contributing members. To them, ruling on the Governing Council, are assigned the same powers and the same powers of ordinary members.

Contributing Members AND / OR FEES

– Article 8 –

Are outstanding members and / or those who have distinguished themselves fees for special merits in favor of the association or which by their reputation in the world of culture, carry prestige. They shall be appointed by the Governing Council on a proposal from the President.


– Article 9 –

The membership fee is determined by the board of directors each year.
Membership is valid for one year and tacitly renewed upon payment of the share, from year to year unless notice of termination is given by the shareholder at least one month before the deadline.


– Article 10 –

THE “Murat Network” relies on the following organs:
– The shareholders’ meeting;
– The Governing Council;
– The President;
– The Board of Auditors;


– Article 11 –

The Assembly consists of all members. They have the voting power of the founding members and ordinary.
I have outstanding members and honorary advisory power.
Each shareholder may vote may delegate a written instrument, another member to vote on his behalf, any active member can bring no more than one proxy.
The Assembly has all the powers to achieve the objectives and decision-making body of the association.
The General Meeting may be ordinary or extraordinary.
The shareholders’ meeting is convened by the President in ordinary session at least once a year, within six months of the financial year.
Compete Assembly the election and dismissal of the Governing Council, the resolution on the program guidelines, the budget and final accounts, on amendments to the Statute, on the dissolution of the association and on all matters that the Board of Directors intends to submit.
The shareholders’ meeting may be convened in extraordinary session whenever the President and / or the majority of the Governing Council deems it necessary and when it is requested by a letter signed by at least ¼ of ordinary members.

– Article 12 –

The Convocation happens with written notice containing the agenda sent to members at least 30 days notice.
The meeting is chaired by the President of the Governing Council, which appoints the secretary.
The ordinary and extraordinary meeting is validly constituted on first call with the presence of at least half plus one of the members entitled to vote, and on second call with the presence of at least ¼ of the shareholders entitled to vote.
Resolutions are adopted by an absolute majority of votes of those present.


– Article 13 –

The Governing Council is composed of members elected by the Assembly, one of the founders and ordinary. It is composed of a minimum of three members and a maximum of five. THE number of members is fixed by resolution, to be taken by a majority of the shareholders’ meeting.
The Council is convened, as a rule, even in an informal way at least once every six months by the President or at the request of at least three components.
The members of the Board shall hold office for two years and may be reappointed.
In case of non-participation of a member for three consecutive meetings, without valid justification is invoked, the Director shall lapse at the express resolution of the directors.
He will be replaced by co-opting the board of directors of one or more new members.
The Governing Council acting by the presence of at least half plus one of the elected councilors.
Decisions shall be adopted by a majority of votes;
In case of a tie the President’s vote counts double.

– Article 14 –

The functions of the Governing Council, which has powers of ordinary and extraordinary administration, are:
– Elect inside the President, Secretary, Treasurer;
– Establish the annual membership fee;
– Prepare the budget and the final account;
– To decide the assignment of special duties to shareholders or whether it is necessary to external collaborators, and any expense reimbursements;
– To study, collect and submit proposals for the development of the association and decide any transfer of headquarters;
– Formulate criteria and standards to draw up regulations and acts have to improve the functioning of social activities;
– Establish a possible scientific committee composed of scholars and experts;
– Implement the general directives and programs established by the shareholders.

– Article 15 –

The President of the “Network Murat” is legally binding on third parties and in court.
He has the signature and authorization to perform all the duties useful to better achievement of the social as well as promoting the active participation of the members.
Remains in office for two years.

– Article 16 –

The functions of the President are:
– Coordinates and directs all activities of the association;
– Convenes and chairs the Board of Directors and the shareholders’ meeting and sets the agenda;
– It has to acts necessary to perform the activity;
– Ensures the implementation of the measures approved by the Board and / or assumes any other urgent and useful, which must be communicated to the Board, at the next meeting for ratification.


– Article 17 –

The Assembly shall elect from among the members of specific competence two auditors who remain in office for 2 years.
The meeting may appoint one or more auditors consultants among non-members.
The auditors shall have access to the accounting and administrative documents of the association. The Governing Council will make available to the auditors all relevant documentation requested at least two months before the date of convening the shareholders’ meeting. They auditors express their reasoned opinion on whether the financial management report within at least 15 days before the date of the meeting.


– Article 18 –

The financial year begins on January 1 and ends on December 31 of each year.
The budget is supplemented by an annual program.
The final account is accompanied by an activity report, it must be subject to the approval and approved.

– Article 19 –

the Secretary shall keep the minutes and resolutions of the shareholders and of the Board; takes care of carefully transcription and preservation; provides administrative acts; countersign the minutes and books signed by the President;


– Article 20 –

Amendments to these statutes, and the dissolution of the association, shall be resolved by the Extraordinary General Meeting of membership by the affirmative vote of at least two thirds of those entitled to vote at the first call, and at least half of those entitled to vote at the second call.
In case of dissolution of the association, the meeting shall appoint one or more liquidators.
Any remaining liquidation is to be donated to this purposes similar to those of the association, noting that the directions of the Assembly voted to dissolve. All matters not provided for herein, reference should be made to the rules of law and the general principles of the Italian legal system.